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I have to admit, while I'd love to be Mrs. Dixon myself, I can't imagine Daryl with anyone but Beth. The two are adorable and I'm so excited to be able to share my love for them with all you wonderful Bethylers. Thank you for all the love!


If you’re ever uncertain of just how powerful Beth’s effect on Daryl was, remember his mother died in a house fire and Beth managed to turn a burning down a house into something he could smile about.

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My aunts biggest concern about me going away to university this year is that she doesn’t have someone to watch the walking dead with.

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Another Norman Reedus post on his motorcycle

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sophiacharlotte13 asked: daryl/beth or glenn/maggie?

I Don’t Dance

Daryl sat, watching Beth as she slept peacefully. He had promised to take the first watch because he knew how exhausted she was. They had a long day of tracking and Beth had improved drastically on her tracking skills. She was a quick learner and her eagerness to learn from him made him like her even more.

Beth shifted in her sleep and rolled over facing Daryl. She peaked her eyes open and looked up to where Daryl sat.

“Hey,” she murmured at Daryl.

“Well hey there sleepyhead,” Daryl cooed back at her in a whisper.

“How long did I sleep for?” Beth asked curiously, sitting up.

“A couple hours, it’s the middle of the night,” replied Daryl with a chuckle.

Beth rubbed her eyes and looked around.

“I’m not tired anymore, you sleep now. I’ll take watch,” she told him, reaching for her machete.

“I don’t think so,” Daryl said with a laugh, pulling the machete out of her reach.

“Daryl!” Beth shouted at him.

“You still seem tired to me. Go back to sleep,” he said sternly to her.

“I’m staying up,” Beth said in a confident voice.

“Then we’ll both keep watch I guess,” mumbled Daryl.

“Oh come on Daryl, we can have a campfire,” Beth said with a big smile on her face.

Daryl looked at Beth with I smile. He had grown to love this young women sitting in front of him. She always knew how to make the best of every situation, keep him fighting.

“Fine, but I ain’t going to sing,” he grunted.

“That’s fine Daryl. I’ll sing and you dance,” Beth said cheerful.

“No way, I don’t dance,” Daryl said sternly.

“Come on Daryl, when was the last time you danced?” said Beth with a smile.

Before Daryl knew what was going on Beth reached for his hands and pulled him onto his feet. He stood; not knowing what to do and Beth quickly reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. Not sure of what to do, Daryl wrapped his arms around Beth’s waist and pulled her closer.

Beth quickly snuggled up against Daryl’s chest and began humming a tune that he recognized from her singing earlier in the week. Beth began to rock back and forth in his arms and he quickly joined in, not wanting to feel stupid.

Beth looked up at Daryl, resting her chin on his chest.

“Look at you go, you’re dancing,” she said with a laughing.

“Mhm,” he grunted back. Truth was, he was focusing way too hard on not stepping on her feet.

“Daryl, relax,” Beth cooed back at him. With a smile she slid a hand from his neck and up to his chin, pulling his face down towards hers and planting a kiss on his lips.

“I change my mind, I like this dancing thing,” replied Daryl with a smile.

“Oh do you?” Beth asked with a smirk on her face.

“I do when it’s with you,” Daryl stated back, staring down at her.

Daryl quickly leaned in and planted a kiss on Beth’s lips. He had always been to shy to kiss her, but her smile made all his nerves melt away.

Beth kissed him back for a moment and went back to resting her head on his chest. Daryl began humming the tune he had quickly picked up from Beth.

“Oh, so you hum now?” Beth asked with a giggle.

“For you, anything,” Daryl stated back in a murmur.

Beth smiled into Daryl’s chest and let out a quick yawn.

“Come on, time for bed,” murmured Daryl as he quickly picked Beth up and carried her back to where she was previously sleeping.

“Daryl?” Beth asked quietly.

“Mhm,” Daryl mumbled back, tired himself.

“I love you,” Beth cooed as she drifted off to sleep.

“I love you too,” Daryl whispered as he leaned down and placed a quick kiss on her forehead.

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Give me a caption for the picture and I’ll write a fanfic for it!

Give me a caption for the picture and I’ll write a fanfic for it!

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So today a friend of mine tagged me in a post on facebook going on and on about how Bethyl will never happen. 50 notifications later and I have definitely proved him wrong and I may have converted a couple dozen people into Bethylers! Feelin’ quite proud of myself!