What changed your mind?
I have to admit, while I'd love to be Mrs. Dixon myself, I can't imagine Daryl with anyone but Beth. The two are adorable and I'm so excited to be able to share my love for them with all you wonderful Bethylers. Thank you for all the love!

when I’m gone

when I’m gone

Am I the only one freaking out about the video that Norman just posted on his Instagram?

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Besides a kiss next season, I also really need Daryl to tell Beth in that low, gruff voice of his that she’s beautiful. It would be a quiet, poignant, amazing moment. You hear me, Gimple? I NEED THIS.

Really wanna be a female version of Daryl Dixon for Halloween this year

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  1. He took a turtle shell from the set of Still because Emily said she liked it then wrote Beth + Daryl (2000 whatever) on the shell and gave it to Emily as a wrap present.
  2. When asked how he got into character for the Still porch scene “All if had to do was just look at her”. (could be a Normily…


This asshole saved the turtle and kept it for Emily until the wrap party! He surprised her with it and she said he remembered she said it was cute! And then he goes and writes Beth and Daryl!

You guys what the hell. Norman is the biggest sweetheart ever. He is such a romantic in that sense! Help you guys! I’m dying in these feels.

So what's the deal with the turtle and love notes?



Mkay well basically in that moonshine shack or on the porch or something, I’m not sure, there was a turtle shell prop, and at some point in filming Emily mentioned that she liked it.

So Norman took it and wrote on it “Beth and Daryl” and idk he might of written “2013” too I saw someone mention that.

And then at the wrap party or after filming, I’m not sure, he gave it to Emily. And Emily kept it and now it’s in Emily’s apartment in Atlanta and basically Norman is the cutest goofball ever.

All I had to do was just look at her.
Norman *cough cough Kinney stan cough cough* Reedus (via turtlelovenotes)

"all i had to do was just look at her"


-Norman Reedus on getting into character for the talk on the porch X